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My Cars Pro Key

Desarrollador Apps on Toast
4 usd

This application is a key to enable PRO features of the application My CarsFeel free to contact me by e-mail for any question.
PRO features:- Dropbox backup/restore- Google Cloud Print to ease capture of My Cars screenshots
My Cars features:Track your car and bikes expenses/mileage with an exhaustive set of features
Features- Full fuel management (costs, efficiency, ...)- Maintenance records- Bills/expenses- Charts (exportable as png files)- Reminders- Many customizations options to fit your needs- Many statistics/charts- Dropbox backup/restore- Export/import in csv/xml (PRO only)- Automatic backup of data on SD card + Google online backup- Support of Bi-fuel cars (LPG/CNG)- Support of Dual-fuel cars (E85,)- Many units supported. Full UK support!- Widget for quick refuel- Widget to launch the app with other icons (other car, bike icons). Can be used for instance to use your own bike icon to launch My Cars- No ads! (unless you activate them)
If you have any question(bug, support, new features) , you can contact me by email.
You can enable PRO features with one fo the following options-> Buy My Cars Pro Key app (former "My Cars Donation")-> Enable adds in the app itself in Go Pro Menu
App widgets only work if the app is not installed on the SD card.